Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never forget , my WTC story- a lucky one.

So many people have 9/11 stories to tell, mine is a lucky one. I was working in design at the time and had taken the week off to "explore my professional options". On 9/11 I had an 10:15 appointment with a headhunter on the 22nd floor of tower 2. But I didn't bother going. The night before I went out for drinks with a friend, a continuation of a celebration of his birthday "week" and I had a few too many. I slept in and at 10:30 woke up frantic, not because I'd missed the meeting, I'd decided the night before not to go. But frantic none the less, might have been the eery quiet that woke me ( I lived in downtown Stamford CT then, a pretty big city) or maybe the sound of the fighter jets flying over that got me up. I woke with a feeling that something was wrong, and it was. My answering machine was blinking and message after message told me to put on the news. I did, it was one of the scariest days of my life. I'll never forget how lucky I was or the others who were left there that day.

A year later I went to school in brooklyn and would spend a lot of time looking across at manhattan remembering what was missing in the skyline. I made this silkscreen print to remember it with the ghosted images of the towers in the background.

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